Featured Works

Here you can see some of our recent projects and ideas that brought success to their owners with our help.



A recording tool for vocal with social media integration

A music producer and artist approached us to build a mobile application for vocal recording. The purpose of the application is to enable users to imprint every inspiring idea in a quick and effortless manner. The application can become a useful tool for professional recording artists as well as for beginners who try to sharpen their skills letting them record music pieces and share them via SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.



Interactive application with calendar functionality

We were asked to build a daily social planning application which would let users arrange upcoming events, creating personalised schedules and interact with other users inviting them to participate. Our UI designers ensured that application has a simple and intuitive interface and making its powerful functionality easy to use. The program allows to organise users’ time, plan and create events, invite other users or accept the invitation and so on.



Orders and delivery management system

The program connects customers, operators, and couriers with a web interface and mobile application. Our team worked with a courier company creating a sophisticated and comprehensive system to ensure streamlined serving and automation of time-consuming processes. With the system, customers can quickly and intuitively place orders, while operators and couriers manage and respond to the tasks. It also brings flexibility in courier work letting them adjust their tasks list to their location.



Conference ticketing web portal

Our application development team was asked to build a conference booking, ticketing, and check-in web system. Our client faced the challenge related to the growth of the conference and hence outdated ticket sales and management practices. With our software solution, we have alleviated the manual workload of ticket booking and management. Now conference delegate can order tickets online, and if they need to exchange or cancel it, they can do it by themselves in their personal profiles.


Stock Trader

Stock trade order management web application

Working with an integrated financial services provider, we have developed a custom web application which is aimed at streamlining company’s internal processes related to stock market trading. The application was build to be used on a daily basis, and one of the requirements was to ensure responsive design so that users can access its functionality from both desktop and mobile devices. The system accelerates trade order management process and securely stores critical data.


Baby care

Babysitter finding application

The mobile application was developed to simplifies the search of trusted and reliable babysitter. The application was developed for a company that connects parents with proven people so that their services were available on the go as well. The app provides sitters list, recommendations, and reviews and enables users to book services online as well as pay for them from their mobile devices via PayPal or credit card.