Outsourcing App Development Costs: Don’t Let the Low Rates to Influence Your Decision

It is perfectly reasonable to hire experienced developers and partner with a team of highly qualified professionals to approve all the details of the project. We are ready to estimate the cost for you.

Provide the best IT solution for your business

Whether you need to streamline your workflow but do not have built-in capabilities, or if your team of programmers has a lot of day-to-day work to handle the new tasks of the business environment, you should focus more on core activities and let our outsourcing company find the best IT solution for your business.

What about the price?

Trusted developers will always help you find ways to reduce your costs without affecting quality. In app development, the project budget usually depends on the type of software the customer wants to create. For example, a simple enterprise system will cost less than a complex solution with many integrated features and tools. Human resources are another important factor in determining the budget. Of course, if you hire an independent developer to do app development on your own, the cost will be less than when you hire a full set of designers, coders, managers, testers, and more.

The average cost of outsourcing app development

It should be remembered that in addition to the hardware needed for the development process, you should also pay for hosting and domain names. Some digital companies also charge development fees, and all of these payments can be repeated monthly. Depending on the designer, the cost of app development ranges from $ 25 to $ 250. The price may also vary according to the complexity of the app. If the app is multipurpose, developers spend more money or require many integrated services, such as in-app payments. The cost of creating a simple program usually ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000. At the same time, the cost of developing complex solutions can reach $ 1 million. Of course, there are real reasons to overestimate costs, such as securing regular software updates, supporting user issues, tracking customer feedback, and more.

Cost evaluation

If you know exactly what your program has and deliver these requirements accurately to your developers, you can reduce costs. On the other hand, if you do not have a requirement for a future app, you can increase the cost and reduce the evaluation time. As calculations can be performed, several negotiation phases must be performed to discover the initial tasks of the software.

Therefore, it is good practice to develop a list of features you want and develop a comprehensive mobile strategy before you develop it. Ask for a quotation from our developer and we will provide you with the valuation and clarification requirements. With our outsourcing company, you can be assured that your investment will eventually pay off.

Possible extras

One of the outsourcing functions is the need to interact closely with the company that is performing these tasks or these tasks. Training costs are often incurred and additional interpretation of the organization's specific business processes is required. Therefore, this will result in a basic increase in the cost of the final service. However, the above situations can be easily avoided by our supervisors and proper management and legal steps are taken.

Our experience speaks for itself

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Experience the benefits of outsourcing

Once you have used our outsourcing IT services, you will be sure that your physical issues will be resolved to the highest level in the shortest time possible. It's better to focus on your company's priorities than to deepen the software development process, which is done by our dedicated team.

Development and support

Reliable outsourcing for our company, with rich experience in web app development, can improve the quality and reliability of your specific achievements and ensure the end result. Our team of programmers is made up of highly qualified specialists who make their selection based on our rigorous requirements:

  • Abundant experience and portfolio of investments
  • Innovative development mode
  • Use a valid method
  • Organize your workflow correctly
  • Custom Software Development
Our service

My company has more than 8 years of successful experience. We are ready to provide a full range of services for the outsourcing development of apps:

  • Meet the requirements
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Technical advice
  • Develop a prototype
  • Prototype and programming design
  • Control and testing
  • Install and optimize
  • Additional technical support
Difficulties you may face with offshore outsourcing

Outsourcing is a good option if you work with a professional development company but this decision may become a big problem if you make the wrong choice. We will tell you about the risks you may face when choosing offshore software development companies.

Risk of Outsourcing app Development

First, you can be transformed into a cultural barrier when you provide the citizens of another country with the decisive process of deciding on the future of your company. External software development by external agencies means that aesthetics and technology may be different cultural ideas and software development is mainly on the Third World countries side, standards used by outside developers can not adapt to recent trends in advanced countries. The other problem is that they need more time to understand the details of the project, which can lead to less time and economic efficiency.

Communication problems

Language sharing is one of the main disadvantages. As you know, app development is a complex process where participants must share and present difficult ideas and carefully consider IT terms.

It is difficult to express your thoughts in detail to those who do not speak your language completely. Also, moving your project thousands of miles away can result in poor internet access and communication.

How much value?

But let's get back to the topic, and the bottom line that many entrepreneurs choose when outsourcing is the cost. Yes, outsourcing companies in the Third World may be tempted to charge $ 15 per hour, but in the end, are these investments paid for? An experienced outsourcing app developer offering $ 150 per hour can bring more value than just three junior developers working overseas for more than $ 15 per hour per person.

Security risk

Security issues and data leakage are also frequent for foreign development. Statistics show that the data leakage and IP loss experienced by outsourcing development are 30% more than those in the country that establish software. Even if you sign a non-disclosure agreement, you can provide valuable information about your company and prevent it from being defined as a court.

Emergency alert warning

Of course, outsourcing is sometimes the only option, even if you realize the potential risks. If you decide to hire an external app developer to create your business app, be aware of the following list of warning signs when choosing this agency:

  • Very low cost. $ 75 per hour - developers at this price are the average tire load standards at a low cost. If you invest $ 5 to $ 15 per hour as a software design services developer, you should avoid degradation of product quality.
  • Contact information inappropriate Pay attention to the developer's contact information for you. Foreign development agencies generally purchase UK or U.S. area codes or use temporary addresses to contact internal customers. Modern technology is easy to implement and some non-specialist companies and experts use it as a positive strategy to boost their sales. Developers of this type exclude this type of contact after the product is delivered to avoid transferring the app if something goes wrong. In order to save your own problems, thoroughly research the job applicants and check the local or office numbers they provide.
  • Unsecured Bank Transfers Bank transfers are much safer than credit card transfers. Stay alert when developers request transfers instead of credit cards. A reputable digital agency will accept secure payments, minimizing the possibility of fraud and legal problems.

Internal app Development

Some companies prefer to build apps internally because they think it's cheaper, faster, easier to manage, and more efficient. Do you think about developing internal apps? So you must know three major difficulties faced by companies that like to develop apps:

  • Questions about employee knowledge and experience. Although 10 pilot project development teams are involved in the project, according to recent research, more than 90 percent of companies lack the skills needed to complete in-house projects.
  • Internal development costs low, effective time. Key members of the development team include programmers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. It may take a few weeks for you to find someone with the right skills and hire them.
  • Internal software development carries many risks. Your digital specialist does not have the high level of knowledge and experience and does not even know if you are familiar with software development. Scalability and traceability can also cause problems because you are less resource-intensive if projects expand or management processes can encounter problems.

Develop yourself with us

Our passionate and skilled programmers, designers and managers are happy to help you develop high-tech solutions for your business, which will bring value and increase sales. Just share ideas with us and we'll take care of the rest - planning, designing, coding, initializing and maintaining the app. Our specially trained specialists will conduct a study of your company to determine its strengths and benefits, optimize your production processes and improve performance.