Main Things to Look for in Account Management Software

Key customers are complex global entities, and even the most successful large account managers can not manually track and manage accounts. Major software and account management tools are needed to help key account managers achieve the best potential for their accounts.

To this end, here are some of the key features each account management software should have to be the most efficient and useful in your work.

Visual Representation to Aid in Strategic Decision Making Process

Because of the way the our brain processes information, visual representations always help simplify complex data. Visualization is a quick and easy way to make decisions in a common way and execute them accordingly.

From a critical customer perspective, you need to continue to understand the business opportunities and scope available for business opportunities and value creation.

Visual representations in technology facilitators or software can not only help you understand the big picture, but also analyze and improve your sales outlets and leverage the opportunities for exploring important existing customers.

Organizational Hierarchy

In B2B sales, you will not sell products to a person. It is usually a group of decision makers that influence the transactions based on their position in the organization.

An in-depth understanding of the organizational hierarchy is a must. A comprehensive developer will go beyond and even emphasize formal and informal affiliation, branding trends, etc. It will indicate which relationships need to be cultivated in a timely manner and who will cultivate them.

The best account management software should clearly state who to contact each step of the sales process and attach options to record behavior for each contact so you can spend most of your time building relationships.

Data Integration and Management

Imagine that half of your primary account data is in one worksheet, while the other half is distributed in PPT and Word documents and elsewhere. How inconvenient is that?

Key account management software should provide an integrated platform that organizes data from different sources in a consistent format in a single location so that the right internal stakeholders can access them and be on the same page. The central repository, which is accessible to everyone in real time, avoids the extra hassle of versioning.

This will help you focus and invest valuable time in collaboration and strategic planning, rather than working on data collection and documentation.

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Analysis and Monitoring

When managing key customers, you need to follow the client's plans and goals.

Key account management software should help you adopt an actionable approach based on a property-based plan as well as an easy-to-reach chart of accounts screen.

A good module that can help you achieve these goals should provide information about the progress of the activity so that you can make the right strategic call at the right time.

In the ideal account management software, your company's sales process is simplified and shows you where the steps of all transactions are, each step being divided into activities and tasks.

How to Get the Best Account Management Software

If you are looking for the most convenient and functional account management software, contact us to discuss your needs. We offer custom software development of any complexity to help businesses grow. Don’t postpone your progress, just drop us a line.