Highly-Qualified App Developers from Sydney: Your Ideas - Our Skills

With the headquarters in Australia, Sydney, our strategists, architects, developers, designers, and quality assurance engineers combine offshore economy with onshore flexibility and accountability delivering great value for clients near and far.

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Why Choose Us

When handing over an advanced mobile solution or web software product or an embedded project to our developers, you get a quantitative extension to the in-house development capabilities. Ultimately, you get access to a technical skill treasury and over a million working hours of relevant experience conceptualising, prototyping, building, designing, integrating, porting, and maintaining high-quality, reliable applications.

Service Overview

We develop a variety of mobile and web solutions, from enterprise mobility to mobile games. Our platform talents span Android, iOS, Windows Phone, native, hybrid, and cross-platform development, including Xamarin and Unity programming, as well as software porting throughout all most important structures.
Our app developers from Sydney help corporations leverage the whole capacity of the brand new technologies, software program, and infrastructure, through advanced web-based solutions with comfy data processing and sophisticated analytics in the backend. We have incredible talents in developing high-load allotted structures which can be scalable, comfortable and efficient, and provide an attractive front-end and remarkable UX.
Our company with headquarters in Sydney is a main embedded software organisation with the global area of interest capabilities in development. We provide full-cycle embedded structures building, which includes system-level programs, driver and middleware programming, performance optimisation services, debugging and failure analysis, UI design and fast prototyping, and finally, the launch of the product and post-launch maintenance and technical support.
Our Sydney’s mobile creation team can provide full-cycle contractual game development initiatives, from design to the store. Our developers have a lot of opportunities to create educational and entertainment mobile games, game consoles and to guaranty it’s stable work in the browsers, according to the requirement specification.
Coupled with the various technology know-how, the technical capabilities ensure we supply most value to companies who are looking for modern-day approaches to optimise their business processes, launch new sales channels, and make bigger their attain to clients, channel partners and associates.

Client-oriented approach

Our software agency has always been most interested in a long-term partnership with mutual trust instead of short-term profit. As here in Sydney we deal with the core intellectual property, patents, and technology creation, we rigidly observe data safety regulations and assure a mature, encouraging attitude.
Our customer base consists of 200 companies both startups and arena leaders.

Fast Facts

  • 150+ Full-Time Employees
  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Sydney, AU
  • 75% Senior and Expert Staff
  • 25% Specialist Level
  • Over 200 clients
  • Comprehensive QA procedures

Mobile Software Development

The developers from the Sydney headquarters elaborate and implement custom apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, in addition to lean mobile solutions for business together with Internet services and inner corporate structures — from necessities amassing to release and submission to the software shops, as well as porting, ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Integration for cooperation: we layout business enterprise mobile programs and solutions that provide on-the-go access to company’s most valuable data and functionality to make efficient and uninterrupted assistance of your workforce, channel partners, and clients.
  • User experience for loyalty: our mobile developers build packages that offer user engagement and retention via suitable mechanisms, along with in-app purchases and targeted advertisements.
  • Overall performance for success: the deep-rooted expertise in digital design and low-level programming permits leveraging the tool’s hardware capability and optimise software’s overall performance to ensure maximised ROI of any mobile development engagement.

Our client’s logos

  • AMD
  • intel
  • nzmsa

Domain expertise and experience

Our team of developers is a reliable long-term IT partner to worldwide industry leaders and tech innovators, established businesses, as well as bold startups. Our industry experience is appropriate for delivering solutions at the cutting edge of the present day trends.
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Apps for smart devices
  • Event management
  • Digital imaging
  • Video streaming on mobile
  • Media content distribution

App developers of our Sydney headquarters leverage their understanding of embedded software program and hardware engineering to supply system applications which interact with the mobile tool’ hardware components on the low level and act as performance boosters and functionality extensions.

Our experience of programming embedded systems for a variety of digital devices has been beneficial in helping us craft special gadget programs that permit a low-level communication between OS and onboard hardware — the photo processing unit, camera, sensors and different additives of the mobile device.

We assist producers of smartphones, handhelds, and other mobile gadgets optimise performance, increase storage capability, and improve the reliability of both inbuilt memory and removable memory cards. The broad expertise of the developers in electronics engineering principles, which includes the ones of mobile devices, as well as of hardware physical and technological limitations, presents a robust foothold for creating superior software program targeting diverse business fields.

Event management apps

Our developers have a diverse portfolio of cases in which they have advanced software programs operating on iOS, Android or Windows Phone and tailor-maid solutions, with a set of superior features:

  • Event scheduling
  • Personal agenda management
  • Interactive venue maps
  • Social integration
  • Instant messaging and chat
  • Alerts setting

Incorporated with multiple Internet services, event management apps supply unprecedented user experience to both event attendees and offline fans.

Virtual imaging, photo & video apps

We thrive on the huge hands-on experience in layout and firmware programming to supply advanced products that boost the capabilities of the graphic processor, virtual camera and related hardware on board smartphone or tablets. Such apps are a powerful mixture of gadget utilities, drivers, that optimise interaction with the hardware additives and approaches within the back-end, and bespoke programs that allow on-the-go enhancing and rapid sharing of the media files created.

Content distribution / media streaming

Our mobile solutions for multimedia content distribution, from media players, media controllers and renderers to digital media servers, utilise the most technologically advanced components for outstanding overall performance and connectivity. The team of developers from Sydney has vast experience that extends beyond standard apps. We construct DLNA licensed solutions and SDKs for further development of enterprise systems to manipulate media libraries and stream heterogeneous media content on a smartphone, tablet or network-connected smart home playback gadgets of any kind (desktops, TVs, stereos, and so on).

Apps for smart accessories

We deliver standalone products which can be distributed through the app stores and run on mass-market smartphones and tablets, as well as smart programs which can be provided with superior wearable accessories and digital devices geared up with excessive sensitive sensors:

  • Activity Trackers
  • Smart Watch and iWatch
  • Workout Guides
  • Nutrition Helpers
  • Sleep Aids
  • Games and Simulators

The developers can create a proof of concept utility to check any revolutionary technology or idea you have got in mind before taking it into mass production.

The developers build superior tools and distribute mobility solutions seamlessly integrated with corporate databases, packages, and systems. We supply lean, efficient and handy mobile apps for e-commerce enablement, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.

Dynamic apps and distributed solutions: development, integration, maintenance

Our developers from Sydney possess wealthy hands-on experience in enterprise software development and integration, which includes mobile back-ends elaboration and integration, complicated server-side ETL solutions, and data protection. The enterprise mobility offerings are supported with huge web development expertise. The packages we create offer intuitive and handy UX while promoting efficient bi-directional conversation between the hand-held and the corporate system in the back-end, providing customers on-the-go access to mission-critical records and company structures via smartphones and tablets anytime, anywhere.

At our Sydney company, we are fit to create native apps, also to reply to code redundancy and device OS fragmentation troubles with the expertise in Xamarin – a platform most appropriate for enterprise solutions. Our app builders build mobile apps which are effortlessly transportable throughout diverse platforms, and aid with unleashing built-in device capability, handing over a smooth user experience and excessive integration competencies – both essential for a successful business application.

Our developers rely on years of significant experience in embedded software program creation and low-level programming to craft highly useful mobile packages with optimised performance and most efficient usage of the hardware assets consisting of CPU, GPU, memory, onboard camera, and many others.

Strong skills and mature development tactics

We align with the best development practices, offer transparency and expert guidance throughout all of the development stages — from necessities analysis and specification to prototyping, development and launch in the app store or use in a company environment.

Development process

We appoint best practices, proven methodologies, as well as tap the very special knowledge in algorithmic design, software program architecture, and UI creation together with adaptive/responsive design experience to craft intuitive, absolutely featured, stable apps for business, entertainment, education, travelling and other.

To qualify for a release, the software should meet the following criteria:

  • It’s consumer-pleasant
  • It affords excessive performance
  • The app is secure and reliable
  • It efficiently utilises the confined device CPU and memory ability
  • The app has low battery consumption
  • The app helps seamless data exchange between the device and the backend
  • It provides steady bug-free operation

Coupled with a rigorous, transparent to the client, undertaking control technique, we guarantee the delivery of a full-cycle elaborated, professional development service and reduced time-to-market of the app.

Native apps

We focus on native application development. When designing mobile apps, the developers think about all of the target platform specifics. The development team can also boast vast experience in software porting from/to Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Cross-platform development

Our experts in Sydney efficaciously cope with the complexities of cross-platform development leveraging powerful equipment and frameworks including Xamarin, Solidarity, Marmalade, Corona, UDK, and more. We’ll take you through each stage of the SDLC with minimised venture expenses and reduced time frames.

Back-ends: open architecture, scalability, reduced maintenance costs

Our application developers build productive, easy-to-control and -maintain back-end structures for mobile products and business mobility solutions. The real-life cross-domain expertise of hardware, firmware and software allows us to spot hardware constraints of devices and turn them into opportunities through creating a well-thought-out app structure, smart business and records layers.
With our company, the clients and companions leverage the strength of big data, fetch and integrate different content for user-friendly and meaningful presentation on all kinds of related gadgets from mobile phones to wearables and rugged electronics. The software developers will make every effort to guarantee that the interplay with your app equally amiable on all screens, including the tiniest gadgets.

Back-ends from scratch

Our highly professional developers create back-end apps to store and manage statistics in the background and convey HTML and media content for your app when an enterprise vision is in most cases aimed toward on-the-go solution utilisation.

Mobile integration layers

We construct intermediary server-side solutions and APIs, create connectors and middleware to seamlessly integrate apps into the existing web solution or introduce mobile endpoints into an enterprise network infrastructure.